Skin Elixir

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This oil is your answer to dry damaged skin! Great for keeping skin moisturized on a daily basis. No greasy feel and light. Start building your healthy skin regimen with this oil that contains natural vitamins and omegas.


On damp or dry skin, apply directly to skin and massage gently. Do not rinse off. Use daily or as often as needed. 

 **Warm Oil Directions: Sit in hot water to warm, liberally apply to skin and massage in. Do not rinse off skin, allow skin to absorb.

Unrefined Coconut Oil: is an all-purpose moisturizer and natural antibacterial/fungal, great for all skin types. 

Orange Oil: Stimulates the skin and promotes skin elasticity. This oil increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to the skin.This oil promotes healthy follicles.

Neem Oil helps with the overall condition of the skin, Neem is natural antibacterial/fungal which help to nourish and soothe damaged/irritated skin.

*** Safe on all skin shades and types. No Mineral, petroleum or harmful chemicals.


Soybean Oil, Unrefined Coconut Oil, Mango Oil, Unrefined Sal Butter, Orange Oil, Neem Oil, Oregano Oil and +/- fragrance (optional)


*** Caution do not use if allergies to peanuts or coconuts.

** Made to order

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